May 27, 2011

"Salonika and its surroundings"

Click on the above image and you will be redirected to the website of the British Pathe where if you click play you will watch an old video from Thessaloniki. The website has tones of very old videos which are very exciting. Searching with the term "Salonika" you can find many videos from the city with the oldest dating from Word War I. This particular has issue date 1915-1917. It has no sound and you can see various aspects of the city - the seaside, kamara (the surviving Roman arch of emperor Galerius) when the road was still going under it, people still wearing the fez, soldiers marching, shots from a richer area, the Rotunda, many working class and everyday people and a shot of the walls and the area outside of them. Probably many people in the video are Jewish since the community comprised the biggest part of the city's population. We can still trace the Ottoman past in people's clothing and the traditional small houses but we can also see aspects of modernization like cars, trams and modern houses.

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